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As adults, many of us believe that emotion in imagery is wrought from the expression. But, if you ask a child, he will tell you that true emotion is wrought from the experience. Children are powerful emotional storytellers, but it’s not often that they’re given the space, time or freedom to share the stories of those feelings. So, whether you’re a professional photographer frustrated that you’re not getting the kind of images you desire when shooting kids, an artist new to child & family portraiture, or a hobbyist looking for more effective ways to create genuine feeling when photographing your own kids…This course will help you to engage in the experience that encourages honest emotion in children & families. The Emotional Child is a four-week workshop designed for photographers comfortable shooting in manual, who want to explore all of the elements necessary to creating the experiences that lead to honest, emotive imagery with your youngest subjects.



Workshop Schedule


Week One: Composition & Environment

We will discuss observation of the world around us and using interesting elements

to add to the story that help to encourage emotive responses in our subjects.


Week Two: Perspective & Movement

We will discuss setting up the experience and un-posing, interaction and how to

elicit emotive responses from your subjects, and ways to use motion to coax honest



Week Three: Light & Mood

We will discuss how light impacts both the subject’s & the viewer’s emotions, types          of light and ways to use it to enhance mood.



time to put into practice the principles discussed before wrapping up


Wrap-up Week: Editing

Discussion of editing choices and how they can alter the mood/emotion of an

image completely. Making cohesive choices in post-processing to ensure the

emotion portrayed is the one desired.



What You Need

DSLR, editing software of your choice




INSTRUCTOR: Gina Cooperman

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      I am a child & family photographer based out of the Lower Hudson Valley, just north of NYC. Although I live in New York, I’m still a California girl at heart. I was born & raised in Los Angles and will remain a true blue Dodgers fan until I’m six feet under. I love real Mexican food (the kind I haven’t found since we moved). I believe road trips are good for the soul, and that martinis are best enjoyed with good friends. I’ve been attached to a camera, of some form or another, since the late 80s when my dad let me play with his old Canon F-1. Then, it was just a sometime-hobby, now it’s my center. And, at that center is my love of photographing children, but especially my own. If family can’t motivate us, I don’t know what does. In my life away from the camera, as a teacher, I’ve taught hundreds and hundreds of kids to find what makes them tick, to find their own voices. Photography is the medium that has allowed me to find my own.

START DATE:  June 8.

Class is limited to 20 active participants.


Pricing Options

  • Ability to upload photos for instructor feedback
  • Ability to post and communicate with instructor and participants


Photography Examples

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