What’s the difference between Full and Study-Along?

Full participants have the ability to participate in the forum and ask questions, communicate with other students. Study-Along Participants have the access to all the materials and read-only access to the main workshop forums.

How long is the forum active after the class ends?

Pretty Forum members have an additional 4 weeks after the class ends to access materials.

How long are the classes?

Most are 4 weeks; but please see the class description for the specific class.

Do I have to log on at a particular time?

Nope! But all assignments have a due date, so be sure to give yourself ample time to study the lesson, practice and submit your assignment.

Why would I take a class at Pretty Forum over another site?

Pretty Forum was founded with photography education at its heart.  Our lead instructors developed the four week long online photography workshop format.  Our classes are tried and true with thousands of students taught over the last seven years.  We have fine tuned our classes over that time to make sure that our materials are thorough and complete.

We encourage our instructors to interject their personalities into their materials and class so that you don’t have that sterile textbook feel from our classes; you feel like you’re learning from your best friend.  We want you to learn a lot and laugh a little, too!


We are sorry, but workshops are non-refundable.  If something does come up before the class begins, please contact us or the instructor to discuss your options.